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          Hively Construction
          Home | About Hively l Our Team l Types of Buildings l Clients l Inquiries l Contact Hively l Portfolio l

          Types of Buildings

          Hively Construction
          offers design and construction services that cover each phase of a project from conceptualization to completion.

           -  Commercial Design
           -  Design - Build
           -  Pre- Engineered
           -  Industrial
           -  Renovations
           -  Additions to Existing Buildings
           -  Tips & Advice
           -  Insurance

          All Hively Construction projects are covered by a one-year warranty to ensure against deficiencies in workmanship and materials. 

          "Building Towards
          The Future"

          Commercial, Industrial, Recreational, Institutional & Varco- Pruden Steel Buildings for our community. Work with Hively Construction’s team today, and start laying the foundation for your future.

          |  Recent Projects  |
          Austintown Middle School
          Austintown, OH
          Youngstown State University
          Youngstown, Ohio