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          Home | About Hively l Our Team l Types of Buildings l Clients l Inquiries l Contact Hively l Portfolio l

          Welcome to Hively Construction Company
          “Building Towards the Future”

          The Hively Construction Company was founded in April 1986, by Lee R. Hively, Jr. and is incorporated in both Ohio and Pennsylvania.  We are a family run business, including 2 generations of Hively’s, so honesty and integrity is key with our business.

          Our main office is located at
          5175 Western Reserve Rd. in Canfield, Ohio.

          We have served as a General Contractor and  Construction Manager on many commercial, industrial, institutional, recreational, and governmental  projects.  Hively Construction specializes in Design Build, Build To Suit, Turn-Key Projects as well as Pre-Engineered Metal Buildings for any commercial, industrial, recreational, or institutional project.  Hively Construction is a Varco Pruden Pre-Engineered Metal Building dealer.

           Hively Construction will work with the Owner from inception to completion, to ensure the best craftsmanship and on time completion as possible, at the best possible price, with no worries for the owner.  Hively Construction employs all trained union craftsman, so that you have the most skilled and qualified people, constructing your project.  Our biggest asset is our creative construction team, comprised of Professional Engineers, Estimators, Project Managers, Skilled Union Tradesmen and Women, Highly Trained Superintendents on every job, Safety Coordinators and the support of our office staff, to provide the owner with complete and total satisfaction throughout their entire project.  We not only do new construction, but do additions or renovations to existing buildings.  There is no project to big or small for Hively Construction. 

          We know how hard it can be to choose a building contractor.  At Hively Construction, we have a wealth of experience delivering quality projects through every phase and aspect of construction.  Hively Construction has a proven track record for quality construction throughout Ohio and Pennsylvania.

          Hively Construction is a proud supporter of Youngstown State University, as well as it’s athletic programs, and the Ice Castle Scholarship Fund.  Hively Construction is also a member of The Builders Association, The Builders Exchange , The Better Business Bureau , The Ohio Chamber of Commerce , and is affiliated with many of the local unions.

          "Building Towards
          The Future"

          Commercial, Industrial, Recreational, Institutional & Varco- Pruden Steel Buildings for our community. Work with Hively Construction’s team today, and start laying the foundation for your future.

          |  Recent Projects  |
          Austintown Middle School
          Austintown, OH
          Youngstown State University
          Youngstown, Ohio