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          Hively Construction
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          About Hively Construction

          Hively Construction is committed to excellence and efficiency, along with the development of an extremely talented network of employees, suppliers, subcontractors and business agents, has enabled me to establish Hively Construction Company as a major player in the Tri-County area.

          From the time Hively Construction was founded in 1986 to the present, we have seen our employee base increase from just 2 to nearly 100. As we continue to expand and grow, Hively Construction Company is now able to handle more volume than ever before, utilizing state-of-the-art technologies and a solid work ethic. Our current and past contracts represent prominent names in their respective industries and include schools, banks, strip plazas, prisons, institutions, commercial & industrial warehouses, office and retail facilities.

          It is my promise and intention to provide the finest quality work conceivable in the most expedient manner possible. I am truly proud of our accomplishments thus far and am looking forward to many continued years of success.

          Lee R. Hively, Jr. President

          "Building Towards
          The Future"

          Commercial, Industrial, Recreational, Institutional & Varco- Pruden Steel Buildings for our community. Work with Hively Construction’s team today, and start laying the foundation for your future.

          |  Recent Projects  |
          Austintown Middle School
          Austintown, OH
          Youngstown State University
          Youngstown, Ohio